2 rice bowls cooked rice
2 sheets Nori(seaweed sheets)
2 slices rindless short cut bacon
2 eggs fried into a flat sheet and cut to size
2 leaves lettuce


Cook the rice and the other ingredients and set aside
Toast the seaweed very lightly (be careful not to burn it) and place it on a sheet of cling wrap.
Evenly, and thinly spread half a bowl of cooked rice on top of the seaweed
Place the cooked egg on top of the rice.
Then place the cooked bacon on top.
Place the pieces of lettuce on top.
Place the rest of the rice on top of the other ingredients.
Fold two sides of the seaweed to the centre.
Fold the remaining two sides to close the sandwich
Wrap the sandwich with the cling wrap
Leave it for while to make the seaweed sheets settle
Cut the rice sandwich in half and serve